EastWest BioScience has been approved by the Toronto Stock Exchange to sell CBD in the USA and will be operating in the US through its wholly owned subsidiary, EastWest Science USA, based out of Kentucky, US.

Our team has been working hard in laying out the foundation work and is excited to enter the American CBD market which is anticipated to reach $20 billion in sales by 2024 (DBD Analytics, 2019).

Products & Joint Ventures

EastWest Science USA is rolling out an aggressive product roadmap for value added CBD consumer good products which include CBD pet line, CBD beauty and skin care line, CBD food products and CBD supplements. To cater to the wholesale market, EastWest Science USA also offers bulk isolate to both wholesalers and independent resellers.

B2B collaborations is key to EastWest Science USA growth strategy in the US. EastWest Science USA is leveraging its working relationships with its various joint venture partners to expedite product development process and widen the sales funnel. EastWest Science USA is also utilizing its American operation as the operational base in entering the European and Asian markets.

Kentucky Facility

EastWest Science USA has access to an 18,000 sq ft facility built on over 6 acres of land. The facility is powered by a 3 Phase 1200 AMP power supply, has 80% of Kentucky’s top-quality, high-concentrate CBD hemp farmed within 100 miles of the facility, and is in close proximity to distribution hubs of FedEx and DHL. Outfitted with equipment and personnel, the facility is setup to process milled hemp flower into crude CBD oil, with plans to equip for secondary production to CBD Isolate and distillate.

For finished products, the facility will produce Bulk CBD and CBD consumer products such as tinctures, nutraceuticals and chocolate infused CBD products and will also warehouse and distribute EAST’s entire product line through the US. EAST and its Joint Venture partner Azema Sciences are in late stage talks with a US based, accredited Cannabis Testing Company to bring analytical testing into our vertical.